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Infiltrator Systems Inc.

The Infiltrator Chamber System for Septic Leachfields.

Standard and High Capacity Infiltrator chambers provide up to twice the infiltrative capacity of stone and pipe systems.

The Infiltrator Chamber System is a direct replacement for old-fashioned stone and pipe leachfields installed in a three-foot wide trench. Infiltrator chambers sit directly on the trench bottom. The patented interlocks add strength and latch the chambers together quickly, end to end, so installation takes less than half the time of a laborious stone and pipe job.

Infiltrator chambers may be used for any application that is suitable for stone and pipe. However, by offering greater infiltrative capacity per linear foot, Infiltrator Chamber Systems can require as little as half the space as conventional systems, depending on state and local regulations.

Patented MicroLeaching(TM) sidewall.
The Infiltrator chamber has an engineered, louvered sidewall that allows effluent to pass laterally into the soil. The angled louvers prevent backfill intrusion into the chamber while 1/4" slots allow lateral leaching.

Open chamber bottom boosts infiltration.
The chamber bottom is completely open, promoting effluent infiltration into the soil with 100% efficiency. The open-bottom area, in combination with the MicroLeaching sidewall, provides maximum infiltrative capacity for long-term, trouble-free service.

MicroLeaching sidewall.

PolyTuff(TM) polyolefin construction.
Infiltrator chambers are molded of PolyTuff plastic, a proprietary blend of polyolefin, formulated for optimum strength and chemical resistance. Its impervious to wastewater constituents and is stabilized to resist ultraviolet rays. Infiltrator chambers are manufactured using an exclusive patented process to assure consistent high quality. They are the toughest, most-reliable chambers in the industry.

AASHTO H-10 and H-20 load ratings.
Infiltrator chambers have been structurally tested by a registered professional engineer. Both Standard and High Capacity chambers are available with AASHTO ratings of H-10 (16,000 lb/axle with 12" of compacted cover) or H-20 (32,000 lb/axle with 18" of compacted cover).  

Nominal chamber specifications.

Standard Chamber High Capacity Chamber
Size (W x L x H) 34" x 75" x 12" 34" x 75" x 16"
Weight 25 lb 31 lb
Capacity 77 gal (10.3 ft3) 122 gal (16.3 ft3)

Compare a stone and pipe installation to an Infiltrator installation.
Typical stone and pipe installation. Typical Infiltrator Chamber installation.
Infiltrator Chamber System Advantages.
Easy assembly and installation by two people.
Only a backhoe and pickup truck are required.
Lightweight chambers can be delivered in one pickup truck load and hand-carried into position.
Entire trench bottom is open for effluent infiltration with 100% efficiency.
There is less regrading, tree damage, and landscape repair involved, and no stone cleanup.
Inspection port is available for easy access to leachfield with no site disruption.
Solid-topped chambers need no geotextile.
Overall lower cost.
Conventional stone and pipe trench cross section. Infiltrator chamber cross section.
Infiltrator Systems Inc., the world leader in septic
and stormwater chamber system technology.

Over 13 million chambers already in service.
In just thirteen years, the innovative leaching chambers of Infiltrator Systems have drastically changed the technology of on-site septic and stormwater disposal. Already, over 13 million chambers have been installed in 50 states, Canada and overseas, forming over 240 million square feet of chamber systems with a success rate of 99%. And, were expanding at the rate of 12,000 new systems a month.

Environmentally concerned company.
Infiltrator Systems devotes over $1,000,000 a year to research and development, creating new products that operate more and more efficiently and conserve natural resources. Besides using recycled resins, Infiltrator Systems products take better care of the environment by avoiding the mining, crushing, grading, washing, and hauling of stone, as well as the environmental impact and site disruption that stone causes. Thats one of our "greener" ideas for septic and stormwater disposal that just makes sense.






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