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      Sunnycrest supplied Manholes & ADS N12 Culvert Pipe

All ADS pipe products are distinctly marked with a green stripe. This symbol ensures you are receiving the highest quality polyethylene pipe available--drainage products that meet strict quality control from raw materials to production and which conform to ASTM and AASHTO standards.


N-12 Smooth Interior Pipe

N-12 has built an impressive service record in storm water and other drainage applications where hydraulics are important and durability is critical. The pipe is offered in diameters from 4" through 36", in 20 ft. lengths.

Corrugated exterior adds strength
The natural toughness of HDPE is enhanced by the corrugated exterior which increases the structural strength of N-12 pipe. It is designed for use under both H20 and E80 live loads, or with fill heights of 50 feet or more. In fact, field research shows the pipe performing well at depths exceeding 100 feet. Even under harsh backfill conditions and shifting soils, N-12 has continued to give outstanding performance.

Smooth interior provides superior flow
In order to meet the most demanding hydraulic requirements, N-12 is manufactured with a smooth inner wall. This design insures maximum flow capacity, and PE's resistance to abrasion and corrosion will sustain this capacity for years into the future. With its 0.012 rating, the pipe is ideal for applications requiring low Mannings "n" values.

Fast, easy joining and installation
N-12's light weight leads to a number of job site economies: more pipe per delivery truck, easier handling, smaller crews, less heavy equipment, less pipe damage, and better safety. The pipe cuts easily and requires no beveling for joining.





N-12HC High Capacity Large Diameter Pipe

Eight years of intensive design and production testing have led to the introduction of N-12HC 42" and 48" HDPE pipe. It features a smooth inner wall for efficient high-volume flow, and a smooth exterior for joint integrity and alignment.

Integral joints speed installation
Factory-installed gasketed bell and spigot joints provide fast, soil-tight connections. Long 20-foot lengths are easily transported (one truck can deliver 120 feet of 48" pipe), and require far fewer joints than concrete pipe in the same diameters. Its lightweight (only 640 lbs. per 20-foot section of 48" pipe) reduces the need for manpower and heavy equipment. Total installation time can be reduced by as much as 30% over equivalently-sized concrete pipe.



On-Site Septic Systems

Standard Pipe and Gravel
ADS perforated single wall pipe is the economical choice for wastewater disposal in conventional gravel leach beds. Polyethylene's toughness and chemical resistance assure many years of trouble-free service.






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